Keep Your Car Clean with a DIY Car Trash Can

Make it easier to keep your car clean with a DIY car trash can.  This beginner sewing project is simple with a free sewing pattern!

My biggest hurdle was having a place to put receipts, wrappers, etc. The  little trash would just start to gather in little piles.

Enter the DIY car trash can to have a place to put all the little garbage! Now I just need to remember to empty it.


– Canvas or quilting cotton – Medium to heavy weight fusible interfacing – Fusible fleece – Two plastic snaps


Cut out two pieces of fabric using the pattern. One will be the outer  box and one will be the lining. Cut out one piece of fusible fleece and  one piece of fusible interfacing.


Fuse the fusible fleece to the outer fabric piece. Fuse the interfacing to the lining fabric piece.


Optional: add rows of quilting to the outer fabric and fleece for a  quilted look. This will also add even more strength to the box.

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