Free Ice Cream Pint Cozy Sewing Pattern

Learn how to make a ice cream pint cozy with a free sewing pattern. Keep ice cream cold and hands warm while you enjoy a summer treat.

I’m sharing a free ice cream pint cozy sewing pattern that sits around the ice cream pint. It keeps the ice cream cold, keeps hands warm, and catches any melty drips!

– Quilting cotton – Fusible Interfacing – Fusible Fleece – Sewing tools



Use the pattern pieces to cut out one outer piece, one lining piece, and one strap piece. From the interfacing, cut out one lining piece and one strap piece.


Apply the interfacing pieces to the back of the lining piece and the strap piece. Apply the fusible fleece to the outer piece.


Fold the strap in half, matching the long sides and the wrong sides together. Press the fold into place. Fold the long edges in to meet at the fold. Press those folds into place.

You will create the outer cozy and the lining the same way. Fold the corners so the  cut-out edges match up right sides together.


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