How to Upcycle Basketball Shorts

My son has gotten to the stage where he loves wearing comfortable athletic clothing as much as he can.

Too keep up with his need, I turned some of my husbands old basketball shorts into shorts for my son. He loves wearing them to soccer and around the house and even to school. This is such a fun upcycling sewing project!

– Adult basketball shorts – Free baby shorts sewing pattern – 1 yard 1 inch elastic



First, cut through the inseam. Pull the shorts open so that the center front is on one side and the center back is on the other side. Line up the two hems.

If the waist is gathered a lot with elastic, then cut it off.



Use a shorts pattern to cut out a new shape. When the shorts are laid out flat like this I can cut all the layers and once and they will mirror each other.

Match up the center front and the center back with right sides together and sew the crotch seams. Finish the edges.


Line up the inseam with right sides together. Match up the crotch seams. Sew the inseam and finish the edges.


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