How to Sew Vinyl

Learn how to cut vinyl and how to sew vinyl the easy way. Vinyl is a unique fabric and you can sew it with your home sewing machine.

Vinyl can’t be treated like any other fabric since it’s not really a traditional fabric. Luckily, I’ve learned a couple of tricks to make it easier to cut and sew.

What is vinyl fabric? Vinyl fabric is a man-made material that feels like a flexible plastic.


– Vinyl Tools: – Sewing tools – Sewing machine

What thickness of vinyl can I sew? 1. My favorite vinyl fabric to sew is 10 guage. This thickness is strong and sturdy without being to thick or hard to sew.


1. To get the right shape for your vinyl, you can trace the pattern onto the vinyl. If you are using clear vinyl you can place the vinyl right over the pattern and trace it using a permanent marker.

Trace the Pattern

1. To cut out the vinyl, you can use scissors or a rotary blade.

Scissors or Rotary Blade

1. Use quilt clips instead to keep pieces of vinyl together while you are sewing.

Use Quilt Clips

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