How to Sew a Bow Cuff

I’m loving the statement sleeves trend right now: ruffle sleeves, bow sleeves, flared sleeves, etc.

I came up with these simple bow cuffs that can be used on any cuffed sleeved pattern like sweatshirts or tees.

It’s really easy to add to any cuff while you’re constructing it. And it  looks amazing peeking out from a layered jacket or cardigan!


– Sewing Supplies – Cuff and sleeve pattern – Sweatshirting, French Terry, Cotton Spandex, or ribbing


Cut three cuffs for each arm (cut 6 total). Fold one cuff in half lengthwise and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Make the tie big at one side and end with a point on the other side. Trim seam allowances. Do the same to three more cuffs. Turn right sides out. Press all 4 ties.


Lay two ties on top of each other and then onto a cuff. Line up the  raw edge of the ties with one raw edge of the cuff, and line up the top  of the ties with the center of the cuff.

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