How to Make Sweater Mittens

Learn how to upcycle and make sweater mittens from an old  sweater. This is a great way to refashion a sweater and make a warm,  useful gift!

When it gets cold, we are always scrambling for gloves and mittens.  We have a lot and I have made several, but we seem to misplace them  easily.

Making a sweater from mittens is fast and easy to sew, and they make a great gift.


– Sweater to cut up – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


Start with a sweater that can be cut up. You can choose a solid print,  or a bright design. Try to avoid sweaters that have really loose weaves  or open holes.


Place your hand on the sleeve. The cuff of the sweater will match up  with the smallest part of your wrist. You want the cuff to be tight  around your arm.


Draw a mitten shape onto the sweater. Draw in 1/2 inch seam allowance. Do the same on the other sleeve. Cut out the mitten shape from both sleeves.

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