How to Make Hanging Kitchen Towels

I love my kids, but they just won’t hang the hand towels or kitchen towels back up. They pull it off and leave it on the floor. 

I finally got fed up with picking up towels over and over and over again. I made the quickest hanging kitchen towels by using purchased towels and then sewing on a quick closure.

These are super quick to make since the towels are already finished. You could choose towels that match someone’s kitchen for the perfect hostess gift!


– Kitchen towel (each towel makes one hanging kitchen towel) – Velcro – Sewing Supplies – Sewing machine


Choose a towel that you like or that the receiver will like. If you choose a heavy terry cloth towel it will be a little trickier to sew.


Choosing a lightweight hand towel or tea towel is the easiest to sew. Choose Velcro in a color that matches or blends in with the kitchen towel.


Cut the Velcro just shorter than the short side of the towel. Clip or pin each individual side of the Velcro on.

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