How to Make  DIY Suspenders

Learn how to make DIY suspenders with elastic and clips. This quick and easy sewing project is great for kids and adults.


– solid colored 1 inch elastic  – suspender clips or mitten clips – Measuring tape – Scissors – Sewing machine

Suspender clips can be opened like a little mouth with teeth. The mouth clips onto the waistband of a pair of pants or skirt.

Measure from the waistband on the front side, over the shoulders, across the back to the opposite waistband on the back.

Use the measurement to cut two pieces of elastic for each pair of suspenders.

Slide one elastic end through the suspender clip. Fold it back on itself 3/8 inch so that the raw edge is tucked inside.

Sew the folded elastic in place. Do this to all four clips.

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