How to Make a Sweater Pumpkin

Learn how to make a sweater pumpkin by upcycling sweater sleeves into pumpkins. This fall sewing project is cute and easy.

Pumpkins are cute and happy and work throughout Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Sweater pumpkins can be touched and played with by little kid hands without getting broken.


– Sweater to cut up – Poly-fil – Long hand needle and embroidery floss – Small sticks – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


Cut the sleeves into “squares” meaning the height is about the same as the width of the sleeve. If the sleeves are skinnier then you will have a smaller pumpkin.


If you are using a sewing machine, then sew two rows of basting stitches along the open top edge and the open bottom edge.


Sew one row 1/4 inch away from the edge and one row 3/8 inch away from the edge.  Pull the bobbin threads to gather the fabric as much as possible.

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