How to Make a Silk Scarf

Learn how to make a silk scarf with lightweight fabric. This  beginner sewing project is a great to practice sewing silk and sewing  hems.

I used some of my silk scraps to make a small silk scarf. It’s about the  size of a bandana, but it can be used as a neck scarf, a hair scarf, or  tie on a bag.

There’s lots of ways to use it! Let’s make a silk scarf that is a simple gift, but the silk makes it special.


– silk fabric – sewing tools – sewing machine


Cut a 26 inch by 26 inch square from the silk fabric. This will create a bandana shape and size.


Sew a rolled hem (without a rolled hem foot) on two sides of the scarf. Press the hems in place.


You can also try doing a serged rolled hem with your serger if you  want to figure out the right settings. This will created a thin thread  wrapped hem.

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