How to Make a Duster Cloth

Learn how to make a duster to keep your space dust free. This DIY dusting cloth is an easy beginner sewing project.

These cloth dusters are great for dusting since they are made from polyester fabric, they wash really well, and they can be used over and over again.

What fabric should I use to make a duster?

The best fabric to use for a duster is a polyester based fabric. The dust just clings to polyester.


– Polyester or microfiber fabric – Sewing tools – Sewing machine or serger

How to Make a Duster

Cut up your fabric into squares. I did 6 inches by 6 inches for a small hand sized cloth, but you can go bigger or smaller.

A 10 inch by 10 inch size would be nice a large for lots of dusting without being to big to hold with your hand.

If you are serging or sewing a zigzag on the edges, then place your fabric wrong sides together.

Finish the edges of your duster cloth however you want. You finished!

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