How to Make a Blanket Scarf

Learn how to make a blanket scarf with plaid flannel fabric that is  perfect for gifts. This scarf has minimal sewing and a lot of fraying.

My favorite scarf to wear in the winter is a blanket scarf. They are so warm and cozy, and it keeps my whole neck warm.

If I’m really cold I even tuck the bottom of my face into the scarf to keep warm.


– lightweight plaid flannel fabric – sewing tools – sewing machine


Most flannel fabric comes about 44 inches wide. Cut a large square of fabric that is 44 inches wide and 44 inches tall.


Decide how tall you want your fringe to be. I decided to make my fringe as tall as one plaid square. Make three evenly distributed cuts that are the height of your fringe on each side.


Pull the long threads out to create fringe. I found a seam ripper helped me get ahold of the tiny threads.

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