How to  Hem Lace

Learn how to hem lace with four different methods. Lace is a beautiful fabric to work with and sewing it can be easy if you know the right techniques.

Lace is such a gorgeous fabric to work with and can made into some really stunning  sewing projects

Here are four different ways to hem lace. It’s actually five but two of them are the same technique with different fabrics.

Finish with Lace bias binding

This hem finish is great when you want the hem to blend in with the item you’re making.

This hem finish is great when you want the hem to be stiff, and it works well with curved hems.

Finish with Pre-Made  Bias Binding

The only hem that doesn’t need any fabric or product added, and it’s easy but a little tedious. This hem works best on straight hems.

Cut around the motifs

A faster hem finish that gives off a bit of a bohemian vibe. This hem is great for straight and curved hems.

Add a lace trim

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