How to Hem Jeans

Learn how to hem jeans by measuring the desired length, cutting off the excess fabric, and sewing a new hem. It’s a beginner sewing project!

The great thing about this hem is that it will make the hem look brand new and it won’t look faded or worn at all. This is great for nice looking jeans or if you like to cuff your hem.

Denim jeans are a staple in any closet and can be found to look dressy or casual, but almost all denim comes with some wear already added in high stress areas.


– Jeans that are too long – Fabric scissors – Marking tool – Ruler – Hammer – Topstitching thread  – Denim sewing machine needle – Sewing machine

How to Measure

Put the jeans on with the shoes you’ll be wearing. Before you bend over to mark, hold the jeans at the knee to keep it in place. 

How to Sew

Take the jeans off. Measure from the bottom of the pant leg up to the mark. This is the amount you want shortened.

Cut both pant legs on the cut lines.

Then fold the pants legs up another 5/8 inch up. It should be folded at the hem line. Pin the legs in place.

Hammer the four side seams of the hem to smash the fabric down and make it easier to sew through.

Sew around each pant leg 1/2 inch from the bottom. The topstitching thread should be in the sewing machine needle and regular thread should be in the bobbon.

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