How to Dye a Swimsuit

I really loved the fabric, but it’s starting to feel girly. I’m so pale  that from a distance it blends in with my skin, so I look like I have  nothing on.

I’ve never dyed a synthetic fabric before so I thought I’d learn how to dye a swimsuit with this swimsuit.

I made this swimsuit and it is the absolute perfect fit. I couldn’t love the fit anymore than I already do. It was definitely worth saving!


I used a tiny bit of RIT dye in navy that I had left and dyed it in the washing machine. I just do the hottest setting for the long amount of time agitating in the machine.


The color sucked in way better than I could have imagined, and I didn’t add anything extra to the water like salt or vinegar.


I’m sure it’ll fade as I wash and wear it like RIT dye tends to do. Make sure to clean your washing machine with bleach after to keep the dye from spreading!

I love that you can still faintly see the original fabric print. I wish it would have been a lighter purple.

I only used a little bit of dye, but it’s hard to know what dye will do. I’m happy with the result, and I’ll wear it a lot more often now that it looks like I’m wearing something.

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