How to Cut Pants into Shorts

Whenever summer starts, I think I can get by with cropped pants and wide leg jeans. Once the full heat hits and keeps marching on relentlessly, I start to itch for shorts to keep me cool.

I put together this post with lots of examples of how to cut pants into shorts so that you can do it too!

Not only is this a great way to add shorts to your closet, it’s great  for pants that have holes in the knees, pants that have a stained hem,  or pants that just need a change to get you to wear them.


– Pants to cut – Marking tool – Ruler – Cutting mat and rotary blade – Sewing machine

How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

Start by putting your jeans on. Walk around your place for a bit so that they get settled in and fit like they usually do.

How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

Use a marking to to mark your desired finished length. When you bend over and lift your leg up, the pants will adjust slightly.

How to Cut Jeans into Shorts

Line up the hem leg with a line at the edge of the cutting mat. The grain line is perpendicular to the hem.

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