How to Alter Jeans: 12 Tutorials

Learn how to alter jeans at the waist and hem and how to fix holes and zippers. Save your favorite jeans and make them fit perfectly.

Sometimes you find that unicorn pair of jeans and you wear it so much that holes are created or the zipper breaks. In this list of sewing tutorials, you’ll also find fixes for common problems with jeans.

Learn all my tips for sewing jeans and denim fabric. I made jeans from scratch, but there are great techniques to use whenever working with jeans and denim fabric.

Tips for Sewing Jeans

How to Fix a Zipper on Jeans

If your jean zipper has broken on your favorite pair, then learn how to fix a zipper on jeans by replacing it with a new zipper.

How to Take in the Waist of Jeans with Elastic

Learn how to take in the waist of jeans with elastic for a quick and simple fix. This alteration is great for getting the waistband of jeans to fit!

How to Take in Waist of Pants

Learn how to take in the waist of pants for a better fit. This works best when the pants fit you everywhere except for the waist.

How to Fix a Hole in Jeans

Learn how to fix a hole in jeans. It’s common for jeans to get holes in the knees, so this is a strong way to close the hole, and it’s almost invisible.

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