How to Add a Side Pocket to Leggings

Learn how to add a side pocket to leggings perfect for a phone. Leg pockets are my favorite pocket to have on leggings!

One of my favorite things to do while working out is listen to music or an audiobook, so I always need my phone with me. And lets be honest, I often wear leggings as clothes and need a pocket.

If you have leggings without a phone pocket, you can learn how to add a pocket to one leg of your leggings!


– Leggings – Scrap of knit fabric about 12 inch by 12 inch – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


On your knit fabric place your phone (or something else you want to carry in the pocket) to gauge the size. Mark a rectangle 1 inch larger on each side.


I made my pocket a little extra deep and added and extra inch to the height. Cut out two rectangles that are the size you want.


Pin the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Sew a zigzag stitch around the rectangle pivoting at the corners.

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