DIY Honeycomb Pleated Pillow

Learn how to make a DIY honeycomb pleated pillow with this honeycomb pleat tutorial. It’s a stunning throw pillow look with lots of texture!

After reading through the tutorial a couple of times, it seemed hard and confusing so I did it my own way. Here’s how to make honeycomb pleats for the most beautiful throw pillow!

DIY Honeycomb Pleated Pillow

First decide how big you want you pillow to be. Mine is 16″x16″. For the pleated side, triple the measurement. I cut one back 16″x16″ and one front 16″x48″.

Then on the pleated side, I drew a line every 2″ for the pleats. Then pin the pleats into inverted box pleats.

Sew the back to the front with right sides together and leaving a hole on one side to turn inside out. Then turn inside out.

Then I drew lines every 1 1/2″ horizontally. I didn’t take a picture of this part but I hand tacked where the lines crossed the pleats.

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