Heart Bow Tutorial and Free Pattern

Learn how to make a heart bow with a free sewing pattern for PDF or  the Cricut. This Valentine sewing project is the cutest accessory.

I’ve bought some and made some, and my favorites are the neutral, simple ones.

My daughters only love the bright pink ones, so I thought I’d make some heart bows for them to wear.


– Felt – Fabric scissors – Pen or marking tool – Hairclips – Hot glue gun – Swipe up to get the pattern


Gather your supplies. Trace the pattern pieces on the back of the felt. Cut out the pattern pieces. Put a dot of hot glue in the very middle of the bow piece.


Fold it up towards the middle and hold while the glue sets. Fold the outer edges back down towards the back of the bow.


Put a dot of glue in the middle of the bow on the folds. Place the center of the wrap piece on the glue and let it set. Flip the bow around to the back.

Swipe up to learn more!

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