Free Wrap Skirt Pattern

Learn how to make a DIY wrap skirt with a free sewing pattern guide in any size. This beginner sewing project is a great handmade  gift!

Make a gorgeous DIY wrap skirt with this free pattern for any size! This skirt is fast to sew because it only has one seam and a lot of bias binding.

The genius overlap prevents any flashing when the crossover flips up.


– Sewing tools – Woven fabric – Bias tape in coordinating colors – Sewing machine and matching thread Free wrap skirt pattern


Draw the diagram and cut out the skirt. Sew the one straight edge right sides together with a straight stitch. Finish the raw edges.


Press the seam to one side. Finish the hem of the skirt by sewing on the bias binding.


If you finish a piece of bias binding, stop, and sew on the next piece of bias binding for a continuous edge.

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