FREE Upcycled Blazer Pattern

This free upcycled blazer sewing pattern is a great baby sewing project. Get the 12 mos blazer to turn an adult blazer into a kid blazer.

– Old adult suit jacket or blazer – sewing tools – sewing machine – double fold bias binding  – 12 mos upcycled blazer sewing pattern


Cutting Instructions

Cut up the side back seam, through the bottom of the armhole, and through the bottom sleeve seam. Do the same to the other side.

Lay out front pieces with fold line matching the fold line of the jacket lapel. You will be cutting the blazer fabric and lining fabric at the same time.

Fold the collar in half. Put the pattern on the fold. Line up the the fold line with the fold line of the collar. Cut out two collar pieces on the fold, under collar and upper collar.

Fold the back of the jacket on the center back. Place the back pattern piece on the back and cut out two blazer fabric pieces and two lining fabric pieces.

Line up the bottom of the sleeve with the hem cut out two blazer sleeves and two lining sleeves that will still be connected at the hem.

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