Mini Felt Mermaid Softie + Free Pattern

Learn how to make a mini felt mermaid softie with a free sewing  pattern! This is a great stuffed mermaid that can be carried in purses  and pockets to play!

It is a tiny size that fits in pockets and purses for an easy toy that  can be brought anywhere like a waiting room or waiting in line.

The small size makes it a quick sew on the machine or a quick sew by  hand. This works great for a child practicing their sewing machine  skills or their hand sewing skills.


– Acrylic felt in all different colors – Free mini felt mermaid stuffie sewing pattern – get it at the end of the post – Double sided iron-on adhesive – Pencil


Print out the mini felt mermaid  stuffie sewing pattern. There is a picture of the finished mermaid for  guidance, and your child can color it.


Trace the mermaid shapes onto the paper backing of the double sided adhesive. Don’t trace the hair or water backgrounds onto the paper backing but cut it out.


Iron the shapes onto the felt in the colors you want. I like the cut  the adhesive larger than the shapes, and then iron them onto the felt.

Swipe up for full tutorial!

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