Free Curved Top Zipper Pouch Pattern

Learn how to make a  curved-top zipper pouch with a free sewing pattern. This beginning sewing project is cute and great for organizing.

They are quick and easy, and they use a small amount of fabric. You can keep them to organize, or you can give them away as handmade gifts.

– Quilting cotton – Zipper – Sewing tools – Sewing machine



Cut out all the pattern pieces. If you are doing the rainbow outside: 10 striped pieces in different colors.


If you are doing the rainbow side, sew all the pieces together in the order that you want. The easiest way to sew opposing curves is to match the centers. Start in the middle and sew to one side.


Start in the middle again and sew to the other side. Press all the seam allowance up towards the curve.

Apply the fusible fleece to the back of the two outside pieces. If you are doing the rainbow side make sure you fuse it so that the stripes are symmetrical.


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