Free Cat Zipper Pouch Pattern

Make a cute cat shaped, mini zipper pouch with this free cat  zipper pouch pattern. It’s perfect for Halloween or as a handmade gift  for anyone who loves cats!

I had so much fun making a little cat shaped zipper pouch for my daughter.

It didn’t need to be a cat shape, but my daughter loves cats, and I love sewing anything with a touch of whimsy.


– different colors or prints of scraps of quilting cotton – regular plastic zipper that matches your fabric – lobster clip or ring – sewing tools


Cut out a cat face from the outer fabric and from the lining fabric.  Cut out a chopped cat face from the outer fabric and from the lining  fabric. Cut out one rectangle from either fabric.


Place the outer half cat face on the right side of the zipper. Place the lining half cat face on the wrong side of the zipper.


If the zipper is a longer than the straight edge then center the cat faces over the zipper. Use a zipper foot to sew the fabric to the zipper tape.

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