How to Find Sewing Classes for Kids

Learn how to find sewing classes for kids so they can learn how to sew. Sewing is a great skill to develop and can be used for life.

There are lots of different ways and places where kids can learn how to sew. I’ll list all the different ways I have found while looking for sewing classes for kids.

Before you choose a sewing class for kids, make sure they are a little bit interested in sewing. I understand if you want them to learn a valuable skill, but you don’t want it to become a battle for them every time.

Before You Choose

Local Fabric And Craft Stores

These classes are typically taught by experienced sewers from the community and cover a variety of topics. They often require buying fabric from their store for the the class.

Community and recreation centers

These classes are typically taught by volunteers or  part-time employees. These are usually cheaper.

Local Teachers

There might be people near you who love to sew and are offering classes from their homes. Ask your neighbors and friends if they know someone who loves to sew and will offer classes.


If you want a free option, consider looking up sewing classes for kids on YouTube. There is so much amazing content, and they can learn to make almost anything from YouTube.

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