Easy DIY Towel Poncho for Kids

Learn how to make a DIY towel poncho out of a beach towel and hand towel. This easy sewing project is great for kids at the beach or  pool!

My kids love swimming SO MUCH that it’s a huge, sad process to leave the beach or pool. They beg to stay longer and to do one more trick, and they complain about being cold and wet.

To make the situation easier, I made my kids DIY towel ponchos so that they can dry off, get warm, and they don’t even have to carry anything in their hands.


– Beach towel – Coordinating hand towel – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


Cut any tags off of the towels. Measure the long side of the hand towel with a measuring tape.


This measurement will be the circumference of the neck hole. Use the measurement to find the radius you will use to cut the circle.


Fold the hand towel in half so that the right side of the short sides are matching up. Sew one side of the hand towel from fold to the hem at 1/2 inch seam allowance.

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