DIY Water  Bottle Dog Toy  + Free Pattern

Learn how to make a DIY water bottle dog toy with a free sewing pattern! The crinkly sound is fun for dogs, and the bottle is easily replaced!


– 1/4 yard of canvas or pieces of denim jeans with hem – Optional: stuffing – Empty and clean plastic water bottle – Free DIY water bottle dog toy sewing pattern – Sewing tools – Sewing machine

If you are using jeans cut one of the seams open to open the fabric flat.

Cut out the two back pattern pieces right along the hem of the jeans. Cut out the front pattern piece.

Place the back fabric pieces on the front with right sides together. The back pieces will overlap slightly.

Sew around the edges with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Sew the end points again to reinforce.

Clip the inner points and notch the outer curves. Sometimes I use pinking shears to make the notching easier and quicker.

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