DIY Tree Collar for a Christmas Tree

Learn how to make a DIY tree collar for a Christmas tree with  fabric. This easy Christmas sewing project can replace a tree skirt.

I love Christmas tree skirts and and the different beautiful designs,  but with children and a dog I feel like I’m always fixing and smoothing  it out.

I decided to try out a DIY tree collar to see if I would like it, and if  it would make my life easier since I’d never have to adjust it once I  set it up. After trying it out for a week, I LOVE it!


– cotton canvas (depends on the size of your tree base and the width of your fabric) – medium weight interfacing – fusible fleece – Velcro


Measure from the floor up to the lowest branches. Mine measured 12 inches. Measure all the around the circumference of the tree base. Mine measured 64 inches.


Draw out a short and long rectangle. The height will be the height  you measured, like 12 inches. The length will be the circumference you  measured, like 64 inches.


Add 1 inch to both the height and the length for the seam allowances.  Then add some length for the part of the tree collar that will overlap.  I did a 2 inch overlap.

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