DIY Swimsuit Cover Up

Learn how to make a DIY swimsuit cover up perfect for hot summer days. Match the fabric to your swimsuit, and wear it to the beach or poolside!


– 2-3 yards of lightweight cotton fabric like double gauze, chambray, lawn, etc. – 3-4 yards of 5/8 inch or larger lace trim – sewing tools – sewing machine

Measure your bust. Multiply it by 1.5. Divide it by 2. This will be the front and back bodice width. Measure your neck to waist. This will be the height of the bodice.

Measure from your waist to where you want the skirt to go. This will be the length of the skirt.

Cut out two bodice rectangles using the measurements and match above. Cut one bodice in half widthwise.

Cut out your skirt rectangle.

Cut out your skirt rectangle. I had to cut out two pieces to make the skirt wide enough.

Cut out a half circle

Cut out a half circle from the top of the center front to create the neckline. Cut the front neckline at an angle to make finishing the edges easier.

Sew the shoulder seams

Sew the shoulder seams with a French seam. Sew half or a third of the side seam from the waist up.

Clip just above the French seam on the side seams so that the sleeve edges can be folded a different direction than the side seam.

If you had to cut two pieces of fabric for your skirt then sew the short edges right sides together together to create one long rectangle. Finish the edges.

Sew two rows of basting stitches along the top of the skirt. Gather the skirt until it fits onto the bodice. Pin the skirt onto the bodice with right sides together.

Sew the skirt onto the bodice with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Finish the edges.

Fold all the raw edges over towards the front at 1/2 inch. Pin the lace over the fold with one side lining up with the fold and the other side covering the raw edge completely.

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