DIY Spider Web Pillow

Learn how to make a DIY spider web pillow cover with fabric, ribbon, and pearl trim. This Halloween sewing project is spooky and pretty.

Spider webs are so intricate and pretty. I love finding them in nature so that I can study how delicate and strong it is.

I wanted to make a spooky pillow cover, but I wanted it to be pretty and intricate just like a real spider web.


– black quilting cotton – lightweight dark interfacing – 1/4 inch sparkly white ribbon – pearl trim – pillow form


Cut out one circle of black fabric that is 18 inches in diameter. Cut out another circle of black fabric the same size, but cut one side off.


Make sure there is added 1/2 inch seam allowance on the straight edge before cutting. Cut and interface all three fabric pieces so keep the curves from stretching out.


Insert a black invisible zipper between the two cut circle pieces. Lay out the ribbon in straight lines kind of like a spider web.

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