DIY Slippers with Fleece Fabric

Learn how to make DIY slippers out of fleece fabric. Add pompoms or  tassels to this one-seam sewing project. It’s a quick and easy gift.

My feet always get so cold in the winter. Even if it’s not a very cold  day, I will still have cold feet. I have to wear socks and slippers to  keep my feet warm.

I figured out how to make a really easy DIY slipper out of fleece that  are warm and are only ONE-SEAM! You can add details like tassels or  pompoms for a special detail.


– fleece – pompoms, tassels, felt balls, etc – optional: elastic – sewing tools


Measure from your heel to your toe. Add 2 inches and remember this measurement. Measure from heel around the top of the foot and back to the heel. Add 1 inch and remember.


Cut out a square that measures the foot length plus the two inches. The  diagonal from corner to corner will be similar to the measurement around  the heel.


When you cut out the square cut it out on the bias so that the stretchiest part of the fleece goes corner to corner.

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