DIY Ribbon Heart Tee

Make a DIY ribbon heart tee perfect for Valentine’s day! The heart  t-shirt doesn’t scream Valentine, so it can be worn all year long!

I love sewing holiday inspired t-shirts for my kids, but I it’s really  great when it’s just a subtle nod to the holiday. That way the t-shirt  can be worn all year long!

She can wear the heart t-shirt for Valentine’s and for Spring and Summer!


– blank t-shirt – ribbon – fusible hem tape – sewing tools – sewing machine


Fuse the hem tape to the back of the ribbon. I made a lot, way more than  I needed, so that I wouldn’t have to make more in the middle of the  project.


If your ribbon has any sort of printed details, make sure you use a press cloth to protect it! Draw the shape of the heart on the t-shirt and have it cover any stains. 


Cut pieces of ribbon that will fit into the heart shape. You’ll need  both long and short pieces. For the first layer I had all the pieces  leaning the same direction.

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