DIY Love Applique Tutorial

Make the perfect Valentine’s sweater with this DIY LOVE applique  tutorial. Crochet yarn into a chain and then sew it onto the sweater.

I wanted to make myself a Valentine sweater, but I was looking for  something subtle that I could wear all winter. I also wanted to stay  away from the classic Valentine colors.

In this DIY LOVE applique tutorial I teach you how to use yarn to make an easy but simple graphic sweater.


– sweater – yarn, not too thick and washable – yarn needle – crochet hook – tricot interfacing – sewing tools – sewing machine


Draw your word, like “LOVE”, in cursive one a piece of paper as a guide. Keep chaining and measuring the chain against your drawn word.


When your chain is long enough to fit the word then tie off the end. Use the yarn needle to thread some of the tail into the chain. Cut off the excess tail. Do this to both ends.


Place your word on the front of the sweater about armpit height. Adjust it as needed. Carefully pin all the parts of the word to the sweater.

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