DIY Fleece Blanket: 6 Different Ways

Learn how to make a DIY fleece blanket different ways. Each version is a finish for the sides and is either a sew or no-sew  tutorial.

One of my favorite things in the winter is to curl up with a warm  blanket and a good book or a movie. All of my kids have picked up my  habit, so we need a lot of blankets in our house.

I made some DIY fleece blankets so that I could teach you how to finish the edges six different ways. Which one is your favorite?


– polar fleece fabric – sewing tools – sewing machine


The first thing to do when working with fleece fabric is to cut off both  of the selvedges. One side with be white and the other side will be  printed.


To make sewing on the rick rack easier, cut each corner into a large curve using a dinner plate as a guide. Clip the rick rack onto the edge all the way around.


Sew the rick rack onto the edge by sewing a straight stitch down the  middle of the rick rick about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch away from the fleece  fabric edge.

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