DIY Flannel and Sherpa Blanket

Learn how to make a DIY flannel and sherpa blanket for a cozy  handmade gift. This easy sewing project uses fabric and just a sewing  machine!

I get so cold during the winter so I just love snuggling up in a cozy,  warm blanket. I’ve made plenty of blankets and quilts before, but none  of them were super warm.

This blanket combines flannel and fleece sherpa for a stunning look and easy care.


– sherpa fleece fabric – flannel fabric – sewing tools – sewing machine


Cut the flannel fabric into two 2 yard pieces. Match up the selvedge edges of the flannel fabric and sew the selvedges together at 1/2 inch with right sides together.


Backstitch when you start and when you stop. Cut the new large rectangle until it measures 70 inches long and 58 inches wide.


Cut the fleece sherpa to be 72 inches long. Cut the selvedges off so that the fleece is 60 inches wide. 

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