DIY Felt Leaf Placemats

Learn how to make DIY felt leaf placemats with a double layer of felt in the shape of a maple leaf. This fall sewing project is a great table decoration.

To remember the fun of colorful fall leaves and the sounds they make, I made some pretty felt leaf placemats.

These have two layers of felt to make them substantial and strong. They can’t be washed, but there are two sides to choose from whenever you put them out.


– Felt – Sewing tools – Sewing machine


Fold one piece of felt in half so the short sides are matching up. Trace out a maple leaf shape with a marking tool. You can see that I redrew and scribbled out my shape multiple times.


Keep the felt folded and carefully cut out the leaf. Cutting it while it’s folded will create a perfectly symmetrical leaf.


Cut out all the leaf shapes you will be using from the felt. Each placemat needs two felt leaves.

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