DIY Cute Ghost Decorations

Learn how to make cute ghost decorations with fabric, felt, and glue. Make a pair holding signs for a fun Halloween craft project.

Ghosts are one of my favorite Halloween decorations. I love that you can make them so cute and fun without being too scary.

These ghosts are made entirely with hot glue so it’s a fun no-sew craft project. It was so fun to make a cute little ghost couple.


– white fabric – fabric in Halloween prints or colors – felt in matching colors – rick rack in matching colors – black felt


Fold the fat quarter so that the very center of the fabric is at a point. Cut a curve on the other end. The fat quarter is now cut into a circle.


Grab a handful of poly-fil and place it in the center of the fabric circle. Wrap the fabric around the poly-fil so that it stays in the very center. Hold onto the fabric.


Add some hot glue to the top of the stand. Push the top of the stand into the poly-fil head to glue the head onto the stand. Hold it in place until the glue is set.

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