DIY Cloth Napkins

Learn how to make DIY cloth napkins with silk and cotton fabric.  This beginner sewing project is reusable and washable for the table.

I love hosting for dinner, but I don’t actually love putting a lot of  work into the decorating. It’s all about simple decor and a simple table setting.

For real luxury and sustainability we use DIY cloth napkins. This is such a great beginner sewing project!


– Silk fat quarters – Quilting cotton fat quarters – Lightweight interfacing – Matching thread – Sewing machine – Sewing tools


Press the fat quarters well so that there are no more wrinkles. Place a cotton fat quarter right sides together with a silk fat quarter. Pin all around the edges.


Leave a 4 inch hole on one side of the napkin. Backstitch on each side.


Trim the corners to reduce the bulk. I usually cut two triangles off at each corner.

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