DIY Christmas Sweater Pillow

Turn an ugly Christmas sweater into a DIY Christmas sweater  pillow for fun holiday decor! This upcycle is a great beginner sewing  project!

A couple of years ago I found a fantastic ugly sweater skirt that I  bought thinking I would wear it to holiday parties. Well, it sat in my  closet and it never got worn.

I loved the cute knitted design, so I finally turned it into a DIY Christmas sweater pillow. I love it because the yarn is so soft and squishy!


– adult Christmas sweater – lightweight interfacing – Velcro or another closure like buttons or snaps – pillow form


First, cut the top and bottom of the sweater. You will be cutting the  ribbing off the bottom and the neckline/shoulders off of the top.


The key is to have a straight line at the top and a straight line at the bottom. Cut one side seam open and the cut the side seams off of both sides. You will have one front and one back.


Cut the sides so that they are straight edges. Measure the rectangle you have left to decide what size your pillow is going to be.

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