DIY Christmas Sweater Ornament

Use an old sweater to make an ornament! You’ll only need a sweater and ribbon to make a pretty Christmas Sweater Ornament.

Any sweater you have can be turned into a simple and pretty ornament.

I thrifted this fair isle sweater specifically for this post. I wanted  an easy way to make a fair isle ornament without actually having to knit  or crochet one.


– Sweater to cut up – Hand needle and thread – Scissors – Ribbon – Hot glue gun and hot glue


Cut a circle from the sweater. Use the part of the sweater with pretty details like I did with the fair isle print and the metal stars.


Remember that the center of the circle will be the bottom of the  ornament and the edges of the circle will be the top of the ornament.


Cut a sleeve into scraps. Thread the needle with a double strand and sew a basting stitch around the circle.

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