DIY Chenille Heart Tee

Make a DIY Chenille heart tee perfect for Valentine’s day! The heart  t-shirt doesn’t scream Valentine, so it can be worn all year long!

My youngest daughter had a t-shirt that had stains on the front so I quickly covered it up with a pretty Chenille heart.

She can wear the heart t-shirt for Valentine’s day and for the rest of the year! Chenille is such a pretty texture, and I love when there are other colors peaking through.


– plain t-shirt – scraps of pink and red quilting cotton fabric – double sided fusible adhesive – sewing tools – sewing machine


Start by fusing a large square of fusible adhesive to the white fabric. Draw a heart on the paper backing. Cut out the shape of the heart.


Peel the paper backing off and place the heart on the t-shirt. Fuse the white fabric heart to the t-shirt where you placed it.


Sew a zigzag stitch around the edge of the heart. Use the paper backing that you peeled off to cut out three quilting cotton hearts in reds and pinks.

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