Cozy Fabric Fun: 41 Sewing Projects to Try

Get ready for the Fall and Winter with all of these warm and cozy sewing projects. Keep the cold at bay with all this inspiration for your next project.

Some these projects are large like blankets and chairs, and they require a lot of fabric. Some of these projects are small, and use your scraps of fabric and fusible fleece to add warmth.

1. How to Sew DIY Hand Warmers

Learn how to sew DIY hand warmers with flannel fabric. It’s easy to make several, fill them up with rice, and give them as handmade gifts.

Learn how to make a gift for kids with a free ear warmer sewing pattern. This beginner sewing project is comfortable because of the shaping.

2. Free Ear Warmer Sewing Pattern for Kids

3. DIY Infinity Scarf with a Pocket

Learn how to make a DIY infinity scarf with a pocket perfect for giving. Use an invisible zipper for this sewing project for a hidden pocket!

Learn how to make a DIY fleece blanket with a simple trim edge. This is a beginner sewing project that is perfect for gifts.

4. DIY Fleece Blanket with Tassels

Learn how to make a triangle scarf with just a yard of fabric and some tassels or pompoms. This is a great beginner sewing project that makes the perfect gift!

5. How to Make a Triangle Scarf

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