DIY One Seam Wrap Skirt

Use this tutorial to make your own one seam wrap skirt! It’s fast and easy to sew, and there’s no flashing!

This skirt is so adjustable that it can fit lots of sizes, and you can still fit in it if you’re changing sizes! 

What fabric works best for this skirt?

A double knit fabric like interlock, ponte, scuba or liverpool will work best. These fabrics don’t roll up at the hem, but they have enough body to hang nicely.


– Sewing tools – 3-5 yards of Knit Fabric – Sewing machine – Measuring tape and marking tool – Tips for sewing knit fabrics

Find Your Measurements

Place a measuring tape at your center back waist and let it hang down. Decide how long you want your skirt to be, and have someone check what the measurement is.

Cutting Instructions

Use this pattern piece to draw out your skirt pattern. You will need two cut two of one diagram, but make sure they are opposite of each other.

Sewing Instructions

Using diagram cut out two pieces of the half circle skirt or the full circle skirt. Make sure they are opposite of each other when you cut them out.

Sew the one long seam with a zigzag and right sides together. Serge or zigzag the raw edges of the seam allowance. Press the seam allowance to one side.

Use a straight stitch to tack the seam allowance to one side at the waist and the hem. Don’t finish any of the hems. Knit fabric does not fray, but it might roll.

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