8 Best Fabrics  for Sewing Clothing

Learn all about the fabrics for sewing clothing so that you’ll love to sew that fabric and love to wear the clothing you make with it!

Rayon challis works well for items that need to drape. It works best for loose or semi-fitted silhouettes.

1. Rayon Challis

2. Cotton Lycra Jersey

Cotton lycra works really well for fitted tees, fitted skirts, joggers, and lightweight leggings.

3. Tencel or Lyocell

Tencel and rayon are basically the same thing, they are just manufactured slightly differently.

4. Bamboo Rayon Spandex Jersey

Bamboo rayon spandex is a little bit trickier to sew with since it’s lightweight, but after some practice you can sew with it.

5. French Terry

French terry is a warm, soft, comfortable to wear, and easy to sew fabric. It’s great for hoodies, sweatshirts, and shirts.

If you dry clean it, it keeps it’s special almost shiny coating. If you wash it it gets softer and softer with wear.

6. Linen

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