23 Ways to Refashion Clothes Tutorials

Take those unworn and unwanted clothing items, and turn them into clothing you’ll love with these refashion clothes tutorials!

I got into sewing originally because I started refashioning. I loved being able to make something completely unique and not have to sew everything single detail on the garment.

Refashioning saves me time and money. It also can be a way to save memories and help the environment.

Button Up Shirt to Dress Refashion

Take a button up shirt and turn it into a stunning dress! Just add fabric to the shirt for the perfect summer dress.

Pants into Shorts

Learn how to cut pants into shorts for the summer heat. This easy sewing alteration is a great way to give pants or jeans new life!

Refashion a Dress into a Skirt

Turn an unworn dress into a beautiful skirt. Sometimes you'll wear a skirt more than a dress so this tutorial teaches you how to cut it!

Ruffle Tee Refashion

If you have to wear a unisex t-shirt, you can refashion it into a lovely ruffle tee!

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