20 Sewing Hacks for Making Clothes

Sewing apparel is my very favorite kind of sewing, but I do all sorts of sewing. There are some tips and tricks to make your sewing easier and faster, and here are twenty sewing hacks!

Sewing Hacks

I put a video together of all the sewing hacks in motion. Swipe up to watch it!

Washi tape and pleats

Use washi tape to hold pleats before sewing. It holds the whole pleat instead of just the top of the pleat.

Hairspray and threading a machine

Spray the thread end with hairspray to make it easier to thread in the sewing machine needle.

Marking with washi tape

The easiest way to mark a larger seam allowance without making it permanent is using washi tape.

Buttons and dental floss

If you used dental floss instead of thread it’s much stronger, and your button will never fall off.

Buttons and  clear nail polish

When using thread to sew on buttons, cover the thread on the front with clear nail polish* to keep it strong and secure.

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