DIY Toy Story Costumes

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Make some DIY Toy Story costumes for Halloween! Your kids will love dressing up like their favorite characters!

This year we are being characters from Toy Story, and my kids loved dressing up for Halloween! My son was Buzz Lightyear and my daughter was Jesse. I also made a little stuffed horse that looked liked Bullseye.

When they got older I also made a Bo Peep costume, Ducky and Bunny Costume, Duke Caboom costume, and a Gabby Gabby costume!

diy kid costume

I tried taking pictures of them on the car similar to when the toys ride on the back of cars. It’s not quite the same, but they are still really cute “toys!” We were right there to catch my daughter if she got away, but we did tell my son to hold onto her so he tried really hard to make her sit still.

Look at all these handmade costumes you can make! My son and daughter do great character costumes like Batman and Catwoman.

boy girl diy costume

My son is Buzz Lightyear, my daughter is Jessie, I made a Bullseye using Fun of the Fair by Melanie McNeice (eBook), my husband will be Woody, and I think I’m going to be Slinky. (I still have to make both of our costumes.

Now let’s talk about the costumes and the pattern hacks. We found the Buzz Lightyear wings for $1 this summer at a yardsale. Sorry, I don’t have a hack for making that!

buzz lightyear wings

I used the Billy Bright Eyes Tee pattern for the top and added the sleeve details. I drafted a hood and attached it to the neckline. For the pants I used the free Retro Sweatpants pattern and took out width in the legs and then added the leg details. I did the cuffs in the colors that closely matched Buzz’s colors.

diy buzz lightyear costume

I didn’t use a pattern for Jessie’s onesie because I just used a long sleeve onesie, painted part of it yellow, and added some red stitching. For the pants I used the free Go-To leggings pattern and sized up bigger than 12 mos. I used a stretchy denim and a non-stretchy white fur to which I added black felt spots.

baby jesse costume

I drafted my own red cowboy hat which I made a lot of mistakes on so here’s a child cowboy hat pattern that will work better than mine. For the boots I used the leather boots I made earlier this summer which are still HUGE on her.

jesse costume hat

I did the stuffed pony and I chose to do it in colors just like Bullseye, a light brown body with dark brown hooves. I didn’t have the right thread for the hair so I used some brown yard I had it my stash. I didn’t cut the ends but left them in loops to keep the yarn intact. I omitted the buttons on the legs and eyes because I don’t want them to come off and choke my baby. I also added a brown faux leather saddle just like Bullseye. So far she loves it and loves hugging it!

diy bullseye

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

toy story costume

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Really precious costumes – you did a great job.

Your kids are so adorable! And I love that horse….and oh the monkey is my very fav! Thanks! Diane

The Monkey!

I want to sew them all!! They are all so cute, how can you pick just one?? I love the monkey, but the seal pulls at my heartstrings, too. Don't have any little ones to make costumes for, yet, anyway!! Your kids looks so cute!!

I totally thought that you bought Bullseye. My mom did costumes for my little sister and brother right after the movie came out. My sister and her boyfriend took them trick or treating, so we drew a bulls eye around his eye, and he got to be Bullseye.
I am so jealous of the Buzz wings. My son loves Buzz. Thanks for sharing how you made the costume. I just might be copying you!

I am doing a Mavis from Hotel Translyvania and a Elsa from Frozen. I am hoping to borrow a Woody costume for my son. (I love that my mom already has a Jessie and Woody from my siblings!)

Soooo adorable! Love your Bullseye too! 🙂

I think I'd sew the monkey first….maybe! 😉 But love the seal too! As for outfits….still working out a few, but we have a Darth Vader and Obi Wan, a Princess Peach and a baby Garden Gnome so far. Fun times!

My kids keep changing their minds about what they want to be for Halloween. I don't think it is going to be a mama made Halloween this year if they don't decide soon. Unless wrapping them in a roll of toilet paper on Halloween counts.

LOL!! The looks on your kiddos faces are priceless! You're going to have a blast with them on the big eve!
I really like your version of the horse from the book, it's fantastic and will be well loved.