Tencel Burnside Bibs Review

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I decided to sew a new trend, overalls, by using the Burnside Bibs PDF sewing pattern. I was really careful about the shape and color to insure that I would wear it. I haven’t worn overalls for 17 years, so I was worried I would hate them. I just didn’t know how much I needed these in my life until I finished them and tried them on!

Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

About a year ago my husband asked me when I was going to sew overalls. He knows that I often sew trends and was wondering when I was going to sew overalls. I basically scoffed at him, and I gave him some explanation of how I didn’t want to sew the trends and how I didn’t want to wear something that made it harder to use the bathroom.

Well, here I am eating humble pie because I made overalls. It’s been our joke for the last week since I told him to say, “I told you so.” He just knows me better than I know myself.

Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com
Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

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I looked at lots and lots of overalls on pinterest and overalls sewing patterns to find something similar to what I had in my head. I I basically wanted woven joggers (like these and like these) with a bib and straps and no zippers or buttons. I couldn’t find anything remotely similar. 

I used some navy Tencel twill fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. It drapes like other Tencel I have used, and I love feeling it drape against my skin. It also has a twill weave on the face of the fabric. The only difference is that this Tencel feels almost brushed on the outside to give it a very soft feel. I always enjoy working with Tencel.

Burnside Bibs Review

I finally decided on the Burnside Bibs PDF sewing pattern by Sew House Seven which I purchased on Indiesew. I studied the Burnside Bibs, and I really like the straps wrapping around to the front. Also, I knew I could easily change the shape of the leg. They were really the perfect pattern for what I was looking for.

Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

To get leg fit I wanted I put my tried-and-true woven jogger pattern piece over the legs of the Burnside Bibs and traced the shape I wanted. The crotch curves and angles were different so I had to so some tricky guesswork, but it worked out. I also added an extra inch at the hem. I didn’t make another other pattern alterations. The fit of the overalls are perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted them to be. 

Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

I also changed some of the construction to get what I wanted. I didn’t want to do the belt loops on the back. I wanted the straps to be encased and look like a drawstring from the front. I left two holes in the back that the straps could go into and around to the front. I left off the waistband and added two buttonholes for the straps to come out. Learn how to open a buttonhole. I also added to rows of stitching around the waist for the casing and stitching in the ditch.

I added the back pockets even though I don’t think I’ll use them since the fabric is so fluid. I’ve never had back pockets on the back of my woven joggers, but I think they add to the utility look of the overalls. I’m happy with where they are placed and the way they look. Learn how to make denim joggers.

Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

At the hem I just sewed a casing and added elastic to bring the hem in. I love the gathered look at the ankle, and this fabric gathers beautifully.

I’m wearing this striped tee that I made last summer. It’s the perfect match! I really can’t wait for it to warm up enough for me to wear this! (I had to take pictures inside today, because there was too much snow outside to look like Spring!)

Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

Tips for Sewing New Trends

  1. Keep within a color family or print family you are comfortable with. Choose a color that would match with lots of items in your wardrobe, or a print similar to other prints in your wardrobe that you wear often. Even better choose a print you love in colors that you are already wearing.
    • I am drawn to prints, but I wear my solids the most, so I know a solid color in a neutral I wear would be the safest thing for me.
  2. If possible choose a silhouette that you are already wearing often (unless the silhouette is the trend). I know the wide leg trend is coming, and I’m slowly embracing it. BUT I know I’m the happiest and most comfortable in a woven jogger style pant. I knew it was an alteration I could make and that I would find it easier to wear than wide leg pants.
  3. Choose a fabric you love wearing. Do you love something like double brushed polyester, rayon, or linen? You know that fabrics that you like feeling against your skin so choosing a fabric you love will help you want to wear your sewing project. I love love love Tencel, so I knew that I would wear overalls if they were made out of Tencel.
Navy Tencel Burnside Bibs // heatherhandmade.com

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Hi! I see that you made this post a while ago, but I was wondering if you might have a more in depth tutorial of the alterations you made to this pattern? The overalls you made are ADORABLE and I would love to try and make a pair myself. Beautiful blog – thank you for posting!!