Shoulder Patch Boy’s Tee Tutorial with Scraps

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Use up your scraps of fabric with this patch boy’s tee tutorial. It’s a great way to make a unique t-shirt for boys!

I love sewing with knit fabric. Maybe it started with taking a swimsuit making class in college with my sister. Maybe it started with loathing the always fraying edges of a woven. Maybe it started with having a boy instead of a girl.

I appreciate the fun printed knit fabric at Girl Charlee, and created an awesome boy’s tee tutorial! It’s such a great way to use up my scraps of fabric!

Shoulder Patch Tee Tutorial

I love tees on little boys and they are so easy and perfect for summer. I wanted to dress one up without words, so inspired by vintage military I added a shoulder patch to a tee. Did you know the purpose of the original shoulder patches was to give a cushion while shooting a gun?

Here’s some tips for sewing knit fabric.

Shoulder Patch Tee Tutorial

Shoulder Patch boy’s Tee Tutorial


  • 1/2 yard of fabric depending on your child’s age
  • Scrap of contrasting fabric
  • Sewing tools

1. Cut out the tee just like you normally would.

cut out the t-shirt

2. On the front right shoulder lay out the scrap and cut the shape you want. The shoulder patch is where you can go crazy with colors and prints. This orange striped fabric is also from Girl Charlee.

cut fabric to fit the shoulder

 3. Pin the patch to the shirt.

pin the patch onto the shoulder

4. Sew the patch to the shirt. I sewed it all with a straight stitch because that is the look I wanted.

*Tip: I would suggest sewing the sleeve edge and neck edge with a stretch stitch to keep the stretch in those seams. I had a little trouble with this.

stitches on shoulder patch

5. Construct the rest of the shirt just like you normally would.

I love this subtle but masculine detail for tees.

Shoulder Patch Tee Tutorial

I asked my son to put his hands up and he come up with this post all by himself. 

Shoulder Patch Tee Tutorial

I would love to make a shoulder patch shirt with the opposite sleeve patching the fabric of the patch. Or a matching pocket! 

If you make something using this Boy’s Tee Tutorial, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

Shoulder Patch Tee Tutorial

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Super cute!! I dislike cheesy retail fashions for boys myself. Great idea.

Cute! Easy way to make a little boy shirt more fun!

Such a cute idea! I'm a recent convert took it sewing…I love Girl Charlie's knot fabric…now I can actually buy some!